* Whilst every care has been taken to ensure an accurate calorie-burn estimate, the actual figure will depend on some of the more intimate details of your last sex session that we'd probably deem as "too much information ..." - Produced by UK Medix. Made by 10 Yetis

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Do you sweat when you sizzle? Or work out when you twerk out? Find out how many calories you burn when you get down and dirty, with this tried and tested sex calculator.

Sex Calculator

The latest weight loss tool

Wondering how many calories you burnt when you got down and dirty between the sheets?

Whether your latest sex session worked off those calories from that chunk of cake?

If getting jiggy with it is better than going to the gym?

The age old question of how many calories you burn off during sex can now be easily answered thanks to UKMedix.com, with the Sex Calculator! The calculator is super easy to you and you can quickly find out how many calories you worked off during your last sex session.

Simply select your gender; male or female, your body type (no lying), your chosen position and the style of sex, so whether it was slow and tender or fast and furious and finally how long it lasted (no lying).

The clever calculator will then work out from the data how many calories you burnt during your bedroom antics and you can work out whether it's more productive than visiting the gym (you already know it's more fun).